Estate Management

As well as Property Sales and Management we also specialise in Estate Management and manage a number of blocks of apartments and communal open spaces within the Devon area.  These responsibilities as an estate Management Company ensure that we have a vested interest in the open spaces and properties that we manage.  We place a great emphasis on getting to know our residents and the areas in which they live.  We conduct regular inspections of all managed properties and their surrounding areas and we are always available to assist with issues or enquiries.  

If you live in one of the blocks or areas that we manage and need to contact us please call 01887 257997 or email us using

To report a problem within a communal area or with an open space area please click the icon below. 


FRONT DOOR - The front door has today been removed due to safety concerns.  The required replacement part needed to safely secure the door has been ordered and will be fitted as soon as it arrives.  Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience that this may cause. 

Boiler repairs are now complete, there will be additional maintenance in the next 2/3 weeks to ensure that they are all continuing to run correctly.  The temperature to the hot water has been increased so the temperature of your water and heating should increase. 

Please click on the icon above if you need to report a fault.