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Scotts Quarry - Fortbury Homes New Development
A conviction in "building better" lies at the heart of each Fortbury Homes development. Fortbury Homes take immense care to ensure that their new houses are carefully built and they frequently specify more costly construction methods and materials than those used by some larger building companies.
They aim to draw on our experience in drywall construction by building residential properties in a traditional style, giving a build quality not normally found in the majority of new builds.
Fortbury Homes believe that continual attention to detail, together with quality workmanship, a commitment to innovation and unprecedented customer service, ensures that each house is built to the highest possible specification.
As well as being NHBC registered, they are members of The Building Safety Group and The National Federation of Builders.

Visit their website to see their previous developments:
Each Fortbury home, irrespective of dimension and cost, will be of a high quality specification to ensure that the homeowner benefits from all the advantages a new home can offer. The attention to detail will result in your new home being low maintenance, energy efficient and built to the highest possible standard.
The new development at Scotts Quarry, Bampton have attic truss roof systems with floors boarded out to give a large area suitable for possible conversion or additional storage. They have ensured that the design of the new homes is such that each blends comfortably, sensitively and modestly with the local and surrounding environment. From the initial concept of the development and purchase of the site, through to the day the house is sold, every consideration is given to providing the highest level of service and quality and each home has the benefit of a 10 year guarantee.

Scotts Quarry sits in a beautiful spot on the outskirts of the popular country town of Bampton, over looking green rolling hills. Call Welden & Edwards' office today on 01884 257997 for more details on these beautiful homes. Early interest is highly recommended!