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This booklet has been produced for leaseholders and prospective purchasers to explain the role of the managing agent and to de-mystify some of the peculliarities of the system. Please see it online here: OPEN SPACE MANAGEMENT BOOKLET

Welden & Edwards provides the management of services as specified within your Lease or Transfer document. These services will be site specific and the areas will be highlighted on your conveyance plan. If you're not aware of which areas we manage, please contact us and we will be more than happy to provide the conveyance plan showing our managed areas and to discuss what it is we do on site. 

All of the homes that are part of a new development that have shared access to open space areas on site pay a service charge annually to the Management Company. These funds are used to keep our landscaped areas well maintained to prevent deterioration, improve the environment and maximise re-sale values. General services that we provide include grass cutting, hedge trimming, litter picking and weeding. We will also conduct tree surveys if necessary and repair existing fencing. Provided that there are sufficient funds we also act on the instruction of the members of the Management Company (the homeowners) for any extra work they want on site, for example, extra planting, erecting fences and signage. 


Further overall accountabilities are likely to include:

  1. Overseeing general maintenance and upkeep
  2. Arranging and overseeing any repairs
  3. Collecting payments from homeowners in the form of service charges
  4. Arranging the appropriate insurance cover for the building
  5. Providing information on the latest health and safety 
  6. Inspecting the site periodically
  7. Dealing with legal aspects of the leases or transfers

Every year, we will issue the budget for the current financial year for the Management Company. This means that all the homeowners have full disclosure with where we plan on spreading the money from the service charges paid. We can always provide extra copies of the budget on request. Our Estates Department email address is:

ARMA is the leading professional body for residential managing agents in England and Wales. If there are any other questions you would like answered, please contact the office for further information, you can see our FAQ page HERE, or you can see ARMA's website for further details.